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Yesterday 5 years ago our company Sirius Trailers was founded!! Looking forward to the future!!!


Jan 11 2018

20-22 april 2018


Hamburg, Germany

Sirius Trailers G305 with side door. Cargo Van Sirius Trailers with door/ramp combination

The Sirius S90 Reverse is a trailer with a length of 490 cm. In this model your horses are transported backwards. Maximum comfort for your horse.

With ht S90 models the possibilities are unlimited. You are the Pdorucer of your own dream. Sirius Trailers "The Next Generation"

Sirius Trailers "the next generation" presents the S90 where the horses can be transported backwards! Maximum comfort for the rider and for the horse!

Sirius Trailers S90 Living 490x171x250 cm


Oct 11 2016

Warranty Definitions and Maintenance of Sirius-Trailers English

➊ Purchase and registration

Congratulations on the purchase of your Sirius Trailer. You have chosen a 100% quality product that guarantees safety, durability, user’s convenience and design. To be able to provide you with the 2-year warranty, we need your data. Please complete our registration form and email it, along with your proof of purchase to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., within 14 days after purchase.

➋ How to recognize Sirius products

Safety, durability, user’s convenience and design are central for all Sirius trailers. These are the core values that Sirius characterizes. In addition, you can recognize Sirius trailers by the special door/flap combination. It provides you with a multi-purpose trailer any day.

➌ Safety

Your safety and that of your goods are central in the production process of our trailers. Our highly-trained employees assemble your trailer with great care.

  • All Sirius trailers are constructed with the best materials, which guarantees a long lifespan.
  • The axles of our trailers are positioned in the ideal spot, under the trailer: just behind the centre. This provides the trailer with natural ball pressure, which ensures that the trailer is situated solidly behind the vehicle.
  • The lighting has been installed according to the latest EC guidelines and
    it has all the required components, such as reflectors and width lighting. For a safe and clear result, lighting elements must always be kept clean.

➍ Inspection

Every new Sirius product is subjected to extensive inspection in the factory as well as at the inspection agency of the country where the trailer is sold:

  • in the Netherlands at the Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency)
  • in Germany at the Technische Überwachungs Verein (TÜV)
  • in Switzerland at the Bundesamt für Polizeiwesen
  • in France at the Service des Mines
  • in Belgium at the Ministerie van Verkeer en Infrastructuur (Ministry of Traffic and Infrastructure).

The trailer is only permitted to be on the road after these recognized institutions have given their stamp of approval.

➎ Registration

On April 1, 2015 vehicles can only be registered in the Netherlands based on a Certificate of Conformity (Certificaat van Overeenstemming - CvO) and no longer based on a Type Approval. With this the new standard in the Netherlands will become the digital CvO. As of April 1, 2014 manufacturers can already submit a digital CvO with the RDW. On October 1, 2014 the new expedited regulation will also become available. With this the branch can register a vehicle based on a digital CvO.

New Dutch standard
Registering a vehicle based on a digital CvO will become the new Dutch standard. The digital CvO perfectly links up with the introduction of the new registration certificate. A digital CvO can be placed on the chip of this vehicle registration card. The digitalization also connects with European regulations. The vehicle registration application can be performed quicker this way and the registration takes place based on the actual vehicle information.The registration certificate

As of January 1, 2014, the RDW is issuing registration certificates in the form of a credit card (also called vehicle registration card). This registration contains information about the vehicle as well as the owner. The vehicle registration card has a 9 digit code for security, the registration (ascription) code. This code is needed for all kinds of actions with respect to the registration of a vehicle and has to be carefully saved. The existing paper registration certificates will remain in use. Until January 1, 2019, the RDW issues the vehicle registration card with the registration (ascription) of new vehicles, with the transfer, and with the replacement of a registration certificate (for instance in case of damage or loss).
The paper Dutch registration certificate which was issued before January 1, 2014 formally consists of the following two parts:

  1. Part IA – Vehicle registration (name before June 1, 2004: Part I) and
    Part IB- Ascription certificate (name before June 1, 2004: Part II).
    These two parts jointly form the complete Part I. You need to have these when you use the road with the vehicle.
  2. Part II – Transfer certificate (name before June 1, 2004: Transfer certificate or copy Part III) The Transfer certificate is the registration part that is needed to transfer the registration certificate. You have to carefully save this part at home.

The registration certificate in credit card format basically replaces parts IA and IB. You need to have this vehicle registration card with you when you use the road with the vehicle. The 9 digit registration (ascription) code replaces the Transfer certificate. You have to save this part at home.

➏ Before you start to drive

As the owner of a Sirius trailer, you can go on the road without worries, because you have purchased a top-quality. However, there are some matters you must pay attention to.

  • Your trailer must always have a clearly visible official licence plate, according to the regulations that apply in your country. The plate must be securely attached at the back of the trailer in such a way that the license plate light shines on the entire plate.
  • Reflectors must always be visible, including during loading and off-loading.
  • After 2,000 km, tighten your wheel bolts with 95 NM.

➐ Warranty definitions

All Sirius trailers come with a standard 5-year warranty upon purchase.
There are some conditions, however.

  • You register yourself as the buyer of the trailer. You must complete the registration form provided and email it, along with a copy of proof of purchase, within 2 weeks of purchase of the trailer, to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send by post to: Sirius Trailers BV, Hatertseweg 1A, NL-6581 KD, Malden, The Netherlands.
  • You must visit an official Sirius dealer once a year for maintenance.
    They will check your trailer according to the official Sirius checklist.
    You will receive this checklist as proof. You must also submit this,
    along with any invoices, with a warranty application.
  • You must never transport your horse(s) without chest and butt bars.
    A horse must be locked in at all times, while it is in the trailer.

Not included in the warranty

  • Cracks on the sides, back flap or polyester roof.
  • Gas springs
  • Axles (the 2 year warranty is provided by the supplier AL-KO)
  • Surge brake (the 2 year warranty is provided by the supplier AL-KO)
  • Clutches (the 2 year warranty is provided by the supplier AL-KO)
  • Tires and rims
  • Scratches on the trailer on the inside or the outside.
  • Air formation under the rubber mat (floor and flap).
  • User damage.
  • Damage caused by extreme conditions (for example, damage caused
    by a wild horse).
  • The remuneration of the miles that have to be driven to and from the dealer and/or the factory.

➑ Practical tips

  • Clean your trailer thoroughly every week. Please note: don’t use a pressure washer, because this will push the moisture into the seams and crevices, which may cause your trailer to rot.
  • Scrub the polyester parts of your trailer at least twice a year; otherwise dirt may collect in the polyester layer, which may make your trailer look dull and faded.
  • Oil all moving parts every month to avoid excessive wear-and-tear.
  • Remember your tyre pressure. Too little pressure will decrease the carrying capacity of your tyre and may cause excessive wear-and-tear.r.

➒ Other

Connection scheme for socket

Connection overview of 13-pole system for Mulicon

Connection overview of 13-pole system for Mulicon
1/L - eft turning signal
2/54g - fog lamp
3/31 - mass (contacts 1 through 8)
4/R - right turning signal
5/58R - right back light
6/54 - brake lights
7/58L - eft back light
8 - reverse lights
9 - permanent contact wire
10 - battery charging current
11 - no purpose
12 - no purpose
13 - mass (contacts 9 through 12)

Tyre pressure
175/70R13 86N 3 bar
185/70R13 90N 3 bar
195/65R15 95N 3.5 bar
175R14C 99/98N 4 bar
195/65R15 95N 3.5 bar

Wheel bolts
Tighten after 2,000 km and after every inspection with 95 NM

➓ Maintenance and inspections

Your Sirius trailer must be taken to your recognized Sirius dealer or Sirius maintenance workshop every year. Your dealer maintains an overview of the maintenance work done on your trailer and will use this to determine what must be done to guarantee your safety. Major tune-ups are usually alternated with minor tune-up. Regular maintenance work will save you money!

The client is obligated for the first 5 years after purchase, regarding service and maintenance, to go to the dealer where he/she bought the Sirius Trailer.

  • Kargo Trailer Single-axle trailer G255 G305

    The Kargo Trailers from Sirius have a welded torsion free chassis. The chassis, combined with a structure composed with the best material ensures a trailer of TOP quality. Therefore, the Kargo Trailers of Sirius have a two-year warranty period.

  • Kargo Trailer Tandem-axle trailer G305 G375

    The Kargo Trailers from Sirius have a welded torsion free chassis. The chassis, combined with a structure composed with the best material ensures a trailer of TOP quality. Therefore, the Kargo Trailers of Sirius have a two-year warranty period.


The company Sirius Trailers BV was established from four generations of experience in the development and production of horse trailers and trailers in the broadest sense.

The Sirius development team has more than 25 years of experience in the trailer branch. This team has come up with a brand new trailer concept – the Kargo Trailers – revolutionary in space, design, user comfort and safety: The perfect transport solution for all your goods. Therefore, all our trailers carry the slogan “the next generation”.  
The result is an aligned closed trailer that cannot be compared with any other closed trailer that is currently available on the market.

All closed trailers from Sirius are assembled in the Netherlands by our professional assembly team and composed with the upmost care.
The Kargo Trailers from Sirius have a so-called ventilated chassis that reduces the erosion process of the wooden sides enormously.
A trailer from Sirius can be recognised by its door/lid combination; therefore, your closed trailer can be used for multi purposes. The robust rear frame guarantees a long life span! And this is not just sales talk, we offer at least a five-year warranty on our quality products (see the Sirius maintenance and warranty booklet for conditions).
Space, safety, diversity, user comfort and design are the main features of our products. .

Sirius Trailers’ cargo van trailers have a welded torsion-free chassis. Both the chassis and superstructure are composed of the best materials.
The ventilating chassis enables the sides to dry from the bottom. That is why a cargo van trailers from Sirius offers you top quality. Sirius Trailers offers a 2-year guarantee on their cargo van trailers.

Multi-functionality is a keyword thanks to the door/ramp combination. This means you can use your Sirius cargo van trailer anytime and anywhere. The ramp has a over ride capacity of 500 kilos. As the ramp lies completely flush with the ground, even smaller wheels can get onto the ramp easily. As a standard, the ramp has anti-skid coating.
Standard for Sirius cargo van trailers: a heavy rejectable jockeywheel, interior lighting, an e-track with tie-down and support leg. All nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. A side door is one of the many options.

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